Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wearing Blue But Not Feeling Blue

I'm so eager to update this blog and make another post so I didn't wait for a day anymore. I want to take advantage of my time doing nothing. I'm actually doing this blog post while downloading movie, just to make use of my time. Anyway this is going to be another post from my post debut shoot (if you were able to check the first one, you'd know).

I'm wearing an Aqua Blue Gown. Bedded top and raffles at the bottom. It's supposed to look like a high-low dress but we weren't able to make one  like that because of the fabric used. I still like the design though with a high slit at the middle to show off my silver pumps.

And this is how it looks like when I walk. The feels of walking on a runway with this stunning gown, I just can't contain :)

Dancing on this gown isn't a bad idea at all. I looked youthful and carefree doing it plus the calmness of the place. Well it's perfect!

I obviously got tired so I sat there and posed still. But I must admit, I felt like a kid just fooling around and having fun. So this place was like a playground. Taking off my shoes while seated there would have been a better idea. Just sayin' :)

And yes some close-up shots and candid as well. My photographer did my make-up and my hair, just same as the previous one.

That would be all for this blog post. Thank you for dropping by. Hope you leave your comment too. Lots of love :">

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Princess in my own Fairytale

Hello everyone! Wow it feels good to be back. I've been so busy with my acads so I wasn't able to update my blog anymore. But since it's our semestral break, I want to spend time with you guys. So here's a really late post of my post debut shoot and thanks to my awesome photographer, sis Dei for a real good job.

I'm wearing here my pink gown which I used for my debut. It's a simple ball gown with embedded top and layers of tulle and galaxy fabric. 

I'm a wearing a 3-inch close shoes which is the same color of my gown.

 I'm really having fun doing the shoot despite of the very hot weather. The gown is flowy so it didn't matter if I tossed it like that in the air. Even if my skin felt like it was burning I still kept on posing for the camera. I just love the setting of this shoot to ruin it for a sunburned skin :)

I still remember doing this shoot while some people were watching. They must be wondering what's this for. I mean the place was a public park and I was there wearing a gown and doing poses like those. I was laughing at the back of my mind during that time.

I love the stairs, like really love it. It feels like it's gonna bring me to my very own castle or palace or whatever <3

Did I say how great I am at doing candid shots? Those shots when you don't have to look at the camera but do the other way around. I think my best shots are my candid shots most of the time.

Do you see the drama in there? I was supposed to wear the crown. It was my crown when I won as Ms. YFC-UST 2013. But sis Dei told me not to put it on anymore because it would overdo my look. So we decided to do this to still take a picture of it.

B & W pictures never go old. The photo looks vintage and classy :">

I think this would be all for this blog post. I really missed you guys and I'm hoping to post more of my post-debut shoot. Hope you enjoy reading. Please post your comment below, it would be highly appreciated :) Lovelots :*