Sunday, December 14, 2014

Debut 1 (Classy Black Dress)

It might already seem late to post this one but I found the need to. There were lots of things that happened last month or the previous months. I've been busy with my acads and extra curricular so I didn't have time to make a blog about the debut parties I attended and there were lots of them actually.

The best part about attending debuts is dressing up. Despite all the busy days and hectic schedule, I got the chance to pamper myself and dress up transforming myself from a zombie to a barbie. And it's just now that I have observed that for the 3 consecutive debut parties I have attended, I wore the same signature look. Showing off my sexy back! I only got a few backless dresses but it just so happened that I wore them for all the debuts I attended.

First is when I attended Shai's 18th birthday. I wore a classy black dress which is of course my favorite and paired it with my silver pumps.

Black is really sexy! What I love most about this dress is its classy look. I wore my red lips too to pull it off. I hope I did!

If you were able to see there's a bow just below the opening on the back. It looks cute but I think it would have been better if it was of different color for it to be noticed.

The fabric feels just right on the skin because it is smooth and the skirt is round and balloon and balloon skirts are really my favorite. It makes me look skinnier because it covers the muffin tops which are visible if I wore fitted dress.

I also love how this dress gave me a sophisticated look with the silver details on it :) It goes well with my shoes. It looks great especially when light strikes on it and it highlights the whole dress.

The night won't be complete without my date so there :) He's been my date and photographer that night. Hahaha!

Our remembrance from the photobooth. We always see to it that we get one from any party we attended. I have collected lots of them already.

Lastly my picture with the beautiful debutante. My baby girl is now a lady. How time flies so fast. She looks so pretty with her ball gown. 

That would be all for the first part of my debut escapade for the past month. What do you think about what I wore here? Leave you comments below! I would be really pleased to read them.

Lovelots ♥


  1. Lovely photos♥ You look gorgeous!!

  2. You look fab in this LBD!!!!
    Happy sunday girl!
    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

    1. Thank you so much Paola! Hope you had a happy sunday too!

  3. You are so gorgeous! The black dress looks perfect on you and especially with the red lips... just beautiful <3

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the dress and the red lips :)

  4. gorgeous dress nina

  5. Amazing dress, you look stunning. Thank you for visting and commenting on my blog :)

    1. Thank you also! I'm looking forward to checking out your new post :)

  6. What a gorgeous dress on you! The back of it is so stunning.:)

    1. Thanks Kathrine! I really love the details of this dress plus the color. It's perfect!

  7. Gorgeous dress! The back of it is too cute with the bow!


  8. That dress......I want to steal it....hahahaha looks amazing.

    Hey I blog, check out the link

  9. Amazing photos and amazing outfit!
    If you have instagram I want to know it because I'm a instagram addicted,my instagram is @carmenpaastor.
    Kisses from

  10. Fantastic look, girl. Stunning pictures.

  11. Very cute dress. I really like the detailing in the back. // Instagram: koshercoco

    1. Yess! The dress is just perfect :) Simple and classy!

  12. Hi sweetie
    amazing photos
    I really like this LBD, so classy
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  13. So cute!

    Love the dress and makeup! :)

    Maybe following?

    1. Thanks Katja! I did my own makeup there. I'll follow you :)

  14. Love the dress. The low back and bow detail and great.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  15. You look lovely, what a classy LBD! :) xo~ Lena

  16. You look so pretty, I love your dress and heels.
    Your blog is simply stunning
    Have an amazing day :)
    Much Love,

  17. Love your dress !

  18. ganda ng dress mo nina! :) and you're back in blogging! yay :))

    xoxo, rae

  19. Nice dresses!
    xx, nissi

  20. Lovely girly dress and the black one is so chic!:)

  21. Backless dresses are so sensual and chic! Love them, and you look stunning in the black number !

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