Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Floral Shorts

I felt like I needed a break from all the girly dresses I posted on my blog the previous days! Hahaha! Coz you know I'm really not the girly type but whenever I wear those type of dresses I make sure I'm rockin' it. What I'm about to share to you is my usual look when I go out and run my errands. And it is a big must to wear stylish yet comfy clothes whenever we do so because we don't want to ruin such beautiful days with uncomfortable clothes.

Here's the look that I'm going to share to you.The typical look I wear when going out to do some stuff like going to the mall, hanging out with friends and other things.

I'm wearing my plain white sleeveless and floral high-waist shorts with my floral vans.

Shorts are really my weakness. I've got more shorts than pants or skirts on my closet. Not that I want to show off those legs (although they are also one of my best assets) but I just really find it comfortable when going out because the weather here in the Philippines is very conducive for outfits like this.

Since my shorts and shoes are already in floral prints, I decided to just wear this plain top to not overdo the look.

My top is simple yet stylish with its detailed cutouts on the neckline and at the bottom.

I also got lucky to find this pair of floral shoes which matches my shorts. My mom found it and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

The shoes are just perfect for that ragged look and could keep your feet fine even after long walks. 

Here goes my look for today! What do you think about it? Leave your comments below :)



  1. love the shorts, you look great!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  2. so beautiful dear!!!

  3. such a cute outfit!

    from helen at

  4. I want your shoes! Where did you get it? I agree with you. We should always look stylish but comfortable at the same time even when just runnig errands. You never know who you'll bump into so you have to look great all the time, right? :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. Cute ensemble! Love everything in the outfit!!! <3


    1. Hi Jenina! Tagged you in the Grateful Blogger Tag! You can find my post here. Looking forward to read yours! :)

  6. Aww these shorts are amazing and I like
    that you wear them with these cute floral shoes -
    it's snowing where I live right now, so shorts aren't included
    in my choice of clothing at the moment, but it's nice to see some
    summery outfits as well, it makes me looking forward to Spring and Summer 2015. ;)

  7. I love how those shoes match the shorts! It just pull the whole outfit together - it's so cute! x

    Euhnella | Life of A Pearl

  8. Perfect! Your look absolutely stunning!


  9. Awesome shorts!

  10. Love your stile dear!

    Alice Cerea,
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  11. I like how feminine your shorts and shoes are. They fit you very well. You look pretty, Nina.

    Jessica |

  12. loving and your shoes are cute :)

  13. Beautiful!

  14. I am in love with your sneakers! thanks for sharing you have a great blog. Can we follow each other’s blog to support each other?:) please let me know if you are interested so I can follow your blog back:)