Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Geometrical Patterns

It's Wednesday and I feel like wearing a dress. So what I'm about to share in this blog is one of my favorite dresses my Mom gave me. Sometimes dresses are too sophisticated and it make us conscious whenever we wear them. But there are those casual dresses where you can wear without being bothered if it's too formal for a ready-to-go outfit.

I had a hard time taking photos since I've got no one to assist me and I have no tripod too and I can't find a good spot and I apologize for the background. I tried really hard to edit it for it not to look disturbing for you guys.

My mom's great in choosing this dress because it fits me well. I love how it fits my body :)

Dunno if the mouse ears are not appropriate for the outfit but I find it really cute. Well I'm just hoping there would be Maleficent horns too. I would love to wear them.

The dress is actually very flowy and the patterns are very appealing to the eye and I like it :)

A girl could never go out without a bag unless you've got a really big pocket to place all your needs. So I have here my beige sling bag.

What's interesting about this bag aside from its size and shape is it can be changed to a bigger one.

Like this :) 

I'm wearing here my fave super comfy brown oxford shoes with black socks. It also looks good even without the socks on. I'm really a flat-shoes person. I rarely wear heels when going out and if I would be wearing one, I like it tall. 3-inch heels isn't tall for me.

And for my accessories, black Rudy Project watch and brown rosary bracelet. I'm really in love with this watch and it goes well to any kind of outfit. 

That would be all for this blog post. Comment down your outfit for today and I would love to check them out. Thanks and God bless!



  1. oy nina! you're blogging again! haha. love your dress :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. Hi Ate Rae! Thanks for dropping by. Feels good to be back :)

  2. You have a very nice blog and you are so pretty!
    Maybe would like to follow each other?
    Just let me know in my blog please :)