Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage Red Dress

Dresses are really my thing and it's very important that we find dresses that suit our body type because not all kinds of dresses would look good on us. And in my case, I prefer wearing short flowy dresses. I don't wear much of fitted dresses because I get overly conscious whenever I wear them. And for this blog post, I have for you a vintage red dress which I think is very elegant-looking.

The dress looks simple even with its eccentric patterns and the color combination is very interesting. Red dresses too are very sophisticated.

As you could see, the dress has a high neckline making it look more classy.

I also put on a leather belt so that the dress won't look dull.

I'm also wearing here a red wedge and it looks perfect for the dress. Brown and red is of the same color with my dress.

And lastly my accessory for today is this cute beaded bracelet.

How about you? What's your look for today? Share it here!



  1. Wow, you know how to pose:)
    I love the shoes, where did you get them? You look lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Checked your blog and it's awesome :)

  2. great style!!!
    perfect dress!!!

  3. I usually see you in a very comfy shorts, shirt, and sneakers look every time we bump into each other. I barely see you in dresses eh sobrang bagay naman pala sayo mag-dress! haha. Sizzling hot girl in red dress! hihi :3

    xoxo, rae

  4. Thank you so much Ate Rae! I love wearing dresses but not in school coz I feel conscious whenever I do. HAHAHA!