Sunday, June 1, 2014

Living Barbie Doll

Wow! It feels good to be back after a year of not updating this blog. I've got a lot to share with you guys :) Yayyyy! And you might all be wondering why I redesigned my blog, looks new for everyone. It's only now that I've got time to make post since I had my summer job for two months and it only ended last week. I'm a busy bee during summer. And because I still have the whole month of June before going back to school, I wanted to spend time in the blogosphere and as a fresh start I had to make a new design and title of my blog. And as for this post (which I apparently should've posted year ago) from my post-debut shoot, this is actually as a continuation of my last post :) I want to share how I became a Barbie for a day.

My outfit here was actually my favorite and my friends' favorite among the three because of its playful colors and the girly tutu skirt. My previous blog title which is "The Girl in the Tutu Dress" was inspired by this dress. The top was studded with sequins, beads and flower embroidery while the skirt was layers of tulle and galaxy fabric in different shades of pink.

For my accessories I wore a flower bracelet and earrings which pairs the color of my dress.

 I'm wearing a gold pair of pumps with diamonds too but I think silver pumps will go well with the outfit too.

And to keep up with my debut theme which is Summer Masquerade, I also got a gold and purple mask.

My hair was done using curling iron. I'm also wearing hair extensions to make it look longer.

My make up was doll inspired. Light pink on my lips and cheeks so as not to overdo the look. Also the smokey eye looks pretty good and my lashes did its job pretty well. Thanks to my make-up artist and hairstylist for doing an awesome job.

There you go. Hope this was a useful post especially for girls who are thinking about what to wear on their debut or parties. Thanks for dropping by! Post your comments too and it will be highly appreciated. God bless!