Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fashion 21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree Oil : Review

Hello everyone! I'm getting the hang of doing reviews and I know that it is also helpful to other makeup lovers so here's another review and this time it is Fashion 21's Perfect Stick with tea tree oil which is actually a stick foundation slash concealer because it can do both jobs.

I stumbled over the department store today and saw this. I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about this product and wanna try it myself. It's my first time to use such product because I'm used to wearing cake foundation especially with my oily skin but why not give this product a try.

Fashion 21 released their stick foundation first, the original ones before this line. This product was released most especially for those who have oily and sensitive skin. It contains tea tree oil which is known to reduce allergic skin reactions and has SPF 50+ which is way higher than the usual SPFs on other foundation, just perfect especially when exposed to sun.

It comes in a mint green tub, similar with that of Maybelline's BB Stick if you are familiar with.
I love the color, it looks trendy and  playful.

This product has minty scent to it. If you are familiar with eficascent oil, it's quite similar to that although it's just a hint of scent, it's not really bothering especially when it is already applied on the face.

I got mine in the shade of Okinawa Tea. I believe there are 2 other shades under this line. Warm Tea which is the darkest shade and perfect for contouring and the Irish Tea which has a yellow undertone. I got the lightest shade just because this is the closest I could get for my skin color,

It costs P195 at 11 grams. It is best applied with a sponge or with fingers.

Based on the swatch, the product looks liquid but when blended it turns into powder finish and almost satin-like coverage.

This is how the product looks like on my skin and I'm sorry for looking mad but I'm really not haha!. I like how buildable and easy to blend it is even by just using my mere fingers. As for the coverage, it's semi-full coverage, enough to cover up blemishes and dark spots although I don't really have much blemishes on my face. But for those who have severe discoloration, they might need to apply more on these spots.

As for the longevity I'm pretty impressed because it lasted for like 5 hours based on picture above taken without retouches. There was minimal oiling up and even longer with blotting once. I find this good already since my face oil up easily even when not exposed on too much heat.

But I don't think this can totally hide dark circles although it can lighten just a bit, you might still need to wear a concealer just to even out the color, This product should also be worn first before any other foundation so it can be absorbed by the skin because if not, it would cake up when set over foundation.

With that, I will give this product a 4/5 rate because it performs really well but I think it lacks a bit on the coverage. But overall, I like this product and will definitely buy again. I also recommend it for those who have oily and sensitive skin.

That would be all for this blog post! Thanks for reading!