Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Maybelline Mat 12 Velvet Matte Lipstick : Review

I just finished my class today and I feel a bit exhausted and felt like posting something on my blog since I owe you guys one from my Instagram post last 2 weeks. I'm starting to love discovering make-ups and learning to do them too on my own because well, it's a must to at least have some knowledge about such. Speaking of make-up, I'm going to share to you another perfect matte lipstick for everyday use that will give you that natural and fresh look which you could perfectly pull of everyday.

I'm talking about the newest liquid matte lipstick that Maybelline has released months from now and it has been on the rave of most women. First because it's Maybelline and you just know how many women love their products even before. Second is it's matte and I think women prefer wearing such finish because it lasts longer and lastly because it's nude and a lot of girls are nude addicts I must say.

So this is how the product looks like. I love the packaging because it looks sophisticated and you can easily see the shade from the tub since it is clear. Others might think that it is just the usual lipstick in the market but it is actually liquid.

I chose Mat 12 which is the only nude shade from this line of lipstick and I'm really in dire need of this lip shade just because I wanna wear it on a daily basis and I don't want to make my everyday look too strong.

This product is liquid and creamy at first so it can easily be applied and with the applicator, there would be no much problem.

Color payoff is really good because with just one layer you can see the product really opaque on the lips and very pigmented. Based on the swatch you might see it more of a pink or peach undertone, it's not too brown but it actually blends well on my lips. It's the kind of nude shade that looks natural but gives more life to the lips which I love the most about this product.

This is how it looks like on my lips. I applied 2 layers on my lips just to make sure the color would stand out since my lips are naturally pink. It is creamy at first but after few minutes it dries into matte finish which can last a decent 4-5 hours. 

The downside of this product is that it dries my lips out. I don't know if it's just my lips but I would prefer wearing lip balm or petroleum jelly just to spare my lips from being chapped. Well I think it's normal for matte lipsticks to dry out your lips because I have tried other matte lipsticks before which dry my lips worse than this. Other than that, you will have no problem with this product.

All in all, I must say that this product has exceeded my expectation considering that it only costs P299 which is very cheap for a good product like this. I wish they had more shades tho because I think they only have about 8 shades on this line which is very limited. But I might as well collect the other colors and make a review too.

That would be all for this blog post! Thanks for reading and God bless!


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