Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blue and Gray

Before anything else, can you do me a favor? Can you kiss or hug your Moms and greet them "Happy Mother's Day" for me! Hahaha. This is a very special day for the most beautiful women in our lives. What are your plans for today? Well me and my Mom would just go out and eat, go to the salon for some pampering time.

My outfit for today is a ready to go. I have here a gray sando. It's obviously oversize because it's my brother's. A souvenir from Baguio. I paired it with a high-waist skinny jeans and flat shoes.

I've been wearing a lot of high waist pants lately because it gives an imaginary shape on my body. That's how I see it. Hahaha!

I don't wear a lot of accessories. But I make sure that I have something on my wrist everyday. That's why I have a lot of bracelets and watches. When it comes to wrist watch, I prefer wearing black at any outfit because it looks boyish and cool. Even if I'm wearing a dress, I would still wear such.

Did I tell you that I'm in love with flat close shoes/doll shoes. My feet perspire a lot so whenever I wear slippers or step-in it would always slip. That's why I prefer wearing close shoes or peep toe shoes.

Another tops because I'm not satisfied on my first look.

Here I go again with cropped tops.

Animal skin shoes for my footwear.

That's all! Thanks for devoting time reading this blog post. Leave a comment! Thanks and God bless!