Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miss Playful

Yey! And the current is back. I've been waiting whole day because it's been brownout here in our place and I couldn't blog just yet. But now, I won't waste time anymore.

How many of you loves playing outdoor games? I remember when I was a kid, me and my childhood friends tend to play outside the house. It's really fun compared to how kids spend their time nowadays. Instead of playing Tagu-taguan, Luksong baka, Sili-sili, Tumbang preso, they waste their time playing video games. Anyway, why did I ask that? Simply because my outfit for today is about being playful.

I'm wearing a playful yellow dress. I've been wearing a lot of floral lately. Yes, because it's summer   :">

The dress I'm wearing is super comfy that's why I love it. Well I also have shoes but just to make it look more like childlike, I decided to remove it.

There you go! My yellow wedge shoes. One thing that I like about wedge shoes is that even if it's tall, you won't get tripped easily. You can walk or run all you like because the sole is flat on the ground. Some would ask "Isn't it hard to walk on those heels?" and I'm like "It's a wedge. Of course not."

The ornament on my hair is actually a necklace. Hahaha! And my friend did the braiding. She called it triple braid. I'm not sure how she did it but it's amazing right. Maybe next time I'd be able to show to you how to do it.

I'm not good at make-ups because I don't usually wear them. I only use face powder whenever I go to school so I had to rely on my friend's greatness. 

That's it for this blog post. Hope you like it. Don't forget to leave your comments. Thank you and God bless :">


  1. isa kang dyosa ng bulaklak! hahaha :) ang cool ng hair mo! :D


    1. Medyo kinacareer ko yung floral dresses. Hahaha! Thanks ate Rae ^_^

  2. Oh my gosh, Hi Ate, I just saw this blog :) Thomasian ka pala :) then accountancy :) Kaso, I don't know if you are incoming second year or third year, I have a cousin kasi na Thomasian and AMV din :) Anyways. Nice blog :) so does this post :)

    1. I'm an incoming third year student. Talaga? So maybe nakakasalubong ko yung cousin mo lagi sa AMV. Anyway thank you for your comment :)