Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sweet and Sassy

Hello everyone! This would be my first post on my new blog. Yes, I created one, a fashion blog to be concrete. Hope you guys enjoy reading!!

And because it's summer, why not post a cute summer outfit you'd surely love to wear? So here we go.

I'm wearing a floral bustier dress. I definitely love how mocha and pink look good together which I paired with a beige pumps. And voila, you get the sweet and sassy look.

This was actually taken at La Mesa Eco Park and thanks to my sissy (Dei) for taking the pic. She's also the one who did my hair and make up.

Smokey eye shadow, gray lenses, pink lips and pinkish cheeks.

My french-braided hair looks chic for summer. Try it out :)

Hahah! Sorry if my first post is messed up because I still do not know how to go with the flow. I'll make sure I'll be more spontaneous next time. But thanks anyway for taking time to read it. Feel free to comment. Thanks and God bless :*

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