Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cropped Shirt for Summer

Dancing is my passion. I started dancing when I was a kid. I dance different kinds of dances. But when I was in high school I was pushed to do Ballroom Dancing. At first I was hesitant but when I tried it, it's really fun. Now that I'm in college I still dance, I'm a member of different dance troupes. And that means collecting a lot of dance troupe shirts which sometimes or should I say always doesn't fit me well. Due to the bulk orders, I would always get an extremely small or oversize shirt which ends up being stuck in my closet for years.

Cropped shirts are very trendy now so I gave it a try on one of my dance troupe shirts and it looked nice!

Cropped shirt, denim shorts and vans shoes for a hipster look. 

Doing a cropped shirt depends on how you want it to look. I cropped it just above my navel for a sexy look. Hahaha!

I curled my hair here and I'm wearing hair extensions.

I'm wearing here my favorite Vans shoes. I love the color. It goes well with denims.

Here goes my outfit for the day. But you can also try something that is not too revealing like this:

You can pair it with tank tops and pants.

Try it out!

Thanks for reading. God bless!